How Often Should Air Duct Clean?

If you are considering duct cleaning it is very good idea to make sure you’rechoosing few very wisely. Like how often should I get my air duct clean. This is a very big question in the industry because some people says it’s one year or years and there some people says it should never be done . The bottom line is duct cleaning needs to be done. When your first home built and you’ve just moved in the builders do not generally do any of the duct cleaning.


So imagine you are walking in a house looking so nice and clean except to the furnace and the ducts are not just clean because you would not know it unless you actually open the door to their furnace or you actually start looking out the ducts. So it is a very good idea once you moved in within a month or two get your ducts clean and the other time that you want to have your AIR DUCTS clean is after a renovation. Same thing with a building a house, well when you are doing a renovation it is the same thing you are going to have all that dry wall dust and all that building materials something in the air so it is really a good idea to get that out if your ducts and out of your furnace as soon as possible.

Every four years is a good rule of thumb and I think if you will look around most company that doing air duct cleaning for a long time and doing an honest job they will recommend around the four year mark is a good time now. But if you have health problems and the air inside your house has to be extremely clean or if you have a lot of pets then you may want to consider getting it done sooner maybe two to three years.

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